Will you put on weight eating two avocados a day?

I had a pleasure to be interviewed on Dublin Radio, by the one and only Danielle Serpico. Danielle and I met 5 years ago during Neurolingustinc Programming Course in London. I remember, she sat in the row in front of me and when it came to practicing hypnotic induction she turned around and asked if I wanted to practice with her. Of course I did!


Danielle went on to become an NLP trainer, published author and a radio host, I dove deeper in the world of health and eating psychology, and we became friends.


Listen to the interview to find out:

  • If you will put on weight eating two avocados a day
  • What Danielle had for breakfast
  • That we are all emotional eaters and we’ve been doing it from birth
  • What research I did in my 20ties and how it helps me today




If you were to interview me what questions would you ask? Let me know in the comments below.