2nd weight loss challenge


Deep breath now, because the second challenge around weight loss is actually eating food (and never go fat free!). Shock horror, right? I know!


You are reading this so I assume you’ve been on at least one diet, and they are all pretty much the same – they tell you to take fat or carbs or protein out of your diet, or replace real meals with powders (have you tried “food replacement” diets?). And often you’re told to go fat free. I have news for you – fat free usually means full of sugar, because otherwise it would not be edible.


So you think you are being good (and you have good reasons to believe it as food companies have million £ budgets to spend on marketing) eating low fat or fat free food, but let’s just take a quick look at what’s happening in the body when you eat sugar, and why we experience that awesome sugar high.


Products containing lots of sugar usually don’t contain lots of fiber, fat or protein. Fiber, fat and protein slow down sugar absorption, so when those nutrients aren’t present, your blood sugar shoots up really fast, like to the top of a roller coaster.


Now at the top of this roller coaster, your brain is alerted. Your brain uses about 50% of your blood sugar at any given time, so any drastic rise or fall in your blood sugar levels cause your brain flip out. So when you’re blood sugar spikes up, your brain and your body aren’t happy – to YOUR body THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.

So what does your body do? Your pancreas secretes the hormone INSULIN to bring your blood sugar back down.

Here’s the problem. We have spent a lifetime eating a lot of high-sugar, processed products – hey, I grew up in the 70s and 80s and that what was popular then – so insulin has gotten really used to doing its job too well.


When insulin is sent out, it doesn’t just bring your blood sugar back down into balance, there’s often too much insulin secreted, and our blood sugar dips way down. And that’s the blood sugar crash you feel after the sugar high – that shaky, spaced out, uncomfortable feeling.


So you’ve had a blood sugar crash – now what does your body crave when you are down there, in the middle that nasty crash? MORE SUGAR! And what happens to our blood sugar when we eat the sugar again? It goes up, up, up – back to the top of that roller coaster.


And so the up and down cycle continues. Have you experienced that before? How does it feel? This is one of the reasons we start eating sugar and we quite literally can’t stop and crave it constantly.


Because your body is actually trying to find blood sugar balance. So, the sugar craving is your body’s way of saying it needs something specific to restore this balance. The easiest and most convenient food to restore blood sugar balance when your blood sugar is in the toilet is sugar.


However, if we keep eating sugar, we will stay on that crazy craving roller coaster. And that roller coaster affects your mood, causes weight gain, and can lead to serious diseases like Adult Onset Diabetes.

And there’s a little more to the story…..


After the hormone insulin is sent out to take excess sugar out of the bloodstream, it has three places it can take that sugar:

1) Your brain

2) Your blood cells

3) Your muscles


Now if all those receptors are full because you’ve been eating a lot of sugar already, where does that excess sugar go? Yep, right on the hips. That excess sugar is stored as FAT.

Stay tuned for part 3


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