A personal note

I’ve had an incredible, nourishing weekend. Perhaps one of those I will look back at and think: “it was life changing”.

It all kicked off with a lunch with a friend on Friday. We were meant to meet, have quick catch up over food, and then get on with our days. We parted 6 hours later because I had dinner reservation with the leading man of my life. We coached each other, held space for each, and yes, there was shopping involved too!

Saturday and Sunday I spent at One Woman conference in London, surrounded by 300+ inspirational women. I was in the room with a lot of these women 18 months ago at a similar event, feeling small, irrelevant and full of fear. This time I felt different.

I cried my eyes out releasing limiting belief, being in the presence of love, support and collaboration. Yet again I was reminded that I can’t do it alone (well I could but it probably would kill me in the process).

I grew up fearing women. I might have made it up in my head but I was such a tomb boy, hanging out with the guys, being very masculine, pushing through life’s challenges, yet there is so much power in the feminine, in being connected and supported by other women who see the light in you long before you even know it’s shining. There is power in asking for help and support, and receiving it graciously.

There is power in community.

I’ve always head voices in my head and in my heart. Those that were cheering me on, those that were telling me I couldn’t do things, and those whispering that there is something bigger and better. That I have to step up, that I have to take the lead. That I have to stand behind my words and rather than always talk about making the world a better place, actually go and get my hands dirty. Those voices have been getting launder recently and this weekend they got so loud that I couldn’t ignore them any longer. So I took another step on my journey and applied for 12 month long Lead the change program. There is so much I don’t know yet:

Will I get accepted?
How will I work out the money?
Will I have time to commit to the program?
What project will I work on?

So many questions, but here is what I know for sure: I feel it in my body that this is the right step for me. That I will be connected to an incredible network of women who will hold me up when I fall, who will pull me up if I stay behind and who will open the doors to a different world.

There is incredible strength in the feminine energy. Tap into it.

Who is in your network? Reach out to those who support you every day and thank them. Today.

What do you need support with? What can I support you with? One of my gifts is connecting people, let me use it. Come and join Radiant, Nourished You Facebook community and ask for what you need.

Big shifts are coming, be a part of it.