Are you comfortable asking for help?

I see you – you juggle more roles and responsibilities, than you ever thought possible. You think that unless you do something yourself, it won’t be done properly, and that asking for help means you’re weak.


You’re a woman with exceptional strength and ability, one who performs all the duties typically associated with several different full time roles, and you do them well.


You’re also a tired woman, the one who snoozes on the train in the afternoon, drinks countless cups of coffee and then lying in bed, awake at night because all that caffeine is not letting you fall asleep.


As I write this email, I can hear drilling coming from my guest room. Things are getting fixed in my house WITHOUT me actually doing it.


When I first moved into my flat I took pride in doing as much as I could myself, so I drilled, painted and assembled. And to some extent it was a lot of fun (plus a lot of stress, cuts and bruises), but then I got busier and smarter and now I hire a handy man to take care of fixing things around the house.


I could have done lots of those odd jobs myself (well, apart from fixing the light, because I’m staying clear from electricity), but it’s way more productive to get help and support. We’re also both doing what we love – he is fixing things and I’m connecting with you. It’s a win-win. Have you ever thought that asking for help is actually a gift we give to other people? We’re allowing them to share their skills with us.


Here is my challenge to you today: go and ask for help. Start small, maybe you can ask your colleague to make you a cup of coffee next time they put the kettle on, or maybe ask your partner to change the bulb, maybe your neighbour could watch the kids for 10 minutes when you dash to the post office.


Asking for help is like a muscle – start small and build your way up.


You can’t bring yourself to even ask your partner to change that bulb? Maybe you think they should know it themselves? Well, sister lets get on the phone and talk about what’s holding you back from asking for help and how to do it effectively. Schedule your complimentary call today. I only have a few of these slots available every week so make sure to grab yours today. Here is the link to my diary: