Coming back to love

A friend once said to me: “I always wear matching underwear.” How ridiculous I thought. Who has the time and energy (not to mention money!) to actually manage this in real life? Yes, I have a couple of matching sets, but let’s be honest, they were rarely matching on me.

My closets were full of clothes, yet hardly anything fitted me properly and I used my bedroom as storage.

I was on the verge of burnout, nothing was bringing me joy and my idea of self-care was dieting and obsessively counting calories. I was going to treat myself to a massage when I reached my target weight. In the meantime I would have showered in the dark just so that I didn’t have to look at myself.

I thought I needed to lose weight to “deserve” to buy better clothes. I thought when I hit my target weight I would start dating; I would buy a flat when I had a boyfriend. On and on in went and in the meantime I was sad, and felt like I was wasting my life.

Little did I know that what I needed was to reconnect with the life energy. I needed to wake up my Lover PowerType™.

Lover is the one who would always wear matching underwear, not because she wants to impress someone, but because she wants to show some love and respect to herself. It’s because wearing that matching set makes her feel special and gives her that sparkle in her eye. She is the invitation.

She may not have the biggest house but hers will be just the cutest, the most lovingly decorated, she pays attention to all the little details. She is a Pinterest guru because her boards are always the most beautiful and inspiring.

Self-care goes on the Lover’s calendar before any other meeting. Nothing is more important that a good night’s sleep or her regular massage.

When I was first introduced to the PowerTypes™ she was one of my least expressed. My life was grey and I knew things had to change because I remembered how much more fun I could be having.

Is Lover PowerType™ active in your life? Is she present with all the other ones? Maybe, like mine, she has left town and it’s time to invite her back in? Let me know in the comments.


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