Big weight questions answered

The world of weight loss is full of confusion, conflicting information and fear. I talk to so many women who are never satisfied with the number on the scale, never satisfied with the way they look and they wait to start living their lives when…. they hit the target number, when they buy the smallest pair of jeans, when….


They often have many questions because as I said before the world of the weight loss is full of conflicting information.

So today I have some answers for you. I found this great video of Taryn Brumfitt taking to Glen Mackintosh – Weight Psychologist.

They talk about stopping binge eating, stopping dieting cycle, cravings and many other things. Informative and entertaining!

Have a watch and after you are done let me know if you have any questions? Would love to be able to answer what’s specifically on your heart. Just comment below or send me a message.


Happy watching!


Jo x