Body Love

Up until couple of months ago I used to refer to my body as IT, until I learnt to call my body SHE. It is a small, subtle change but boy was it significant. It changed the way I look at my body; it made her more real, deserving more attention and made me realize that together we are a team. It is not me running this show on my own.


I’ve not always been nice to my body. I abused her with food, unflattering clothes, and hiding behind the loud voice. As soon as I realized we are on the same team I stopped punishing her.


Everyday I work on putting my body first. I want to nourish her with food, rather than punish or abuse her. I want to move her for pleasure rather than endure grueling workouts.


One of the most fun things I’ve done was to audit my wardrobe. I donated all the clothes that hid her to the local charity. I also took it a step further: I actually let go of all the clothes that I used to like but that no longer fit me. We all have that dress or a pair of jeans we used to wear a couple of years ago and we still keep in the vein hope that one day…. Let go of those clothes. When you get back to that size – you’ll buy yourself something new to celebrate. In the mean time every time you look at that dress that doesn’t fit you will want to punish yourself and your Body for getting bigger. So here is your task for today: donate all those clothes that are too small. I mean it – ALL of those too small clothes need to go.


I want you to start adorning your body rather than hiding her. I want you to reward her with beautiful outfits rather than punish her for the fluctuating weight and size. I want you to nourish her with healthy food, rather than punish or abuse with junk food.


What are you going to do today to show your body that you love her?