Breakfast challenge – week 1

So I have managed to eat a different breakfast for a week now:) It actually is a lot of fun and it pushes my creativity.

You all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets us up nicely for the whole day. Yet, most of the time we are all guilty of eating the same thing every day, maybe with a slight variation at the weekend. Or just grabbing a coffee and muffin on the go.

I am hoping to provide you with inspiration here.

I am more into savory foods, than sweets and I eat mostly vegan diet, with an addition of eggs. I love eggs as they give endless possibilities and quick solutions. Also good protein source and research suggests that having protein for breakfast speeds up metabolism and also keeps you going for longer.

So here is what I have eaten this week: breakfast in a glass (oats, chia seeds, berries); omelet, breakfast burrito, sourdough toast with bean spread, kale and orange smoothie and hot water oats.

collage (640x427)

Let me know what takes your fancy and which recipes you would like to see here. Also don’t forget to share in the comments what do you like eating for breakfast.