Breakfast challenge – week 2

Week two was exciting. I run out of all the easy choices (and my rolled oats) so had to look for some new ideas and recipes. Like with most of the meals it is challenging to eat vegetarian and diary free diet, AND avoiding wheat as well. I am happy to report that it is completely manageable, but I do admit it requires planning and some cooking. Most cooking can be done ahead of time, though so even work day morning can run smoothly.

The highlight of my week was an egg muffin made with simple and limited ingredients – eggs, courgettes and sundried tomatoes.

I also surprised myself with eggs baked in a cup, protein breakfast bar and absolutely loved my home made granola with soy yogurt and berries. I ate flat bread (homemade, which reminded me why I avoid wheat) with sundried tomato cashew nut spread and toasted, seed and nut bread bruschetta (gluten and wheat free). And let’s not forget the “kale on a sweet side” smoothie. Yes, it was slightly too sweet for me, but I have reports that other people liked it.

week 2 (640x457)

And guys, I have some exciting news to share. I do get requests to share the recipes for my breakfast creations and I am happy to oblige. Look out for my very first e-book very soon!

If you have any suggestions of what to eat for breakfast or questions, please leave me a comment.