Celebrating you

It’s not me – it’s you. You are behind your success, every one of them. Your hard work, your dedication, your willingness to show up and be vulnerable. I’m truly honoured, and humbled to have worked with everyone of you. So here is to you! And to all your future successes and achievements.

Tatiana, Hong Kong

Joanna has inner intuition and always seemed to know what to ask next, she made me feel safe in her hands. She asked powerful questions which helped me get clarity.

Joanna powerfully creates and holds space, leads coaching conversation with ease and grace, and creates real shift! It is an uplifting and empowering experience!


Lucie, Lake District, UK

I had a great coaching experience with Joanna. In a short time, she made me think about things in a different way. She pushed me to examine what I was doing, where I wanted to go and to identify what I needed to do to achieve it. I have a clearer vision after our sessions. If you are looking for help with digging deep and discover your true Why (and much more) contact her! Thanks Joanna!


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Nikki, Perth, Australia

Joanna created a safe place to talk about not just food issues but situations which arose between sessions. She offers support and guidance in a non judgmental way. Joanna has got me to think at things differently and made me accountable which helped me to stay on track with all my goals. I totally recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives.


Anna, New York, USA

I have known Joanna for many years and I have seen her own struggles with weight. She has come a very long way from those days and now I am happy to say that she is a picture of health and beauty. The knowledge acquired by own experiences is always the most valuable and Joanna is the living example of that.

She knows exactly what harms the body and what heals it and it is because she has traveled that road herself. Joanna has helped many people see food, their bodies and themselves through a completely different set of eyes and I am certain that given time and opportunity, many others will benefit from her knowledge and passion.


Danielle, Dublin, Ireland

My first impression of Joanna Fiminska was that she was a woman that took things seriously – and yes, indeed she does. She takes what she eats very seriously – all interlaced with a her wonderful wit, humour and a gracious personality.

Joanna not only believes and preaches about health but she lives it. Open her kitchen cupboard and you will find delight after delight of healthy snacks and creations all wafting with the delicious aroma of healthy freshly baked goodness.

If you are looking for a Health Coach to get you on the right track and feeling really good, I highly recommend you grab this woman quick. Her creativity, intelligence and complete integrity and belief in what she does will have you inspired and motivated to take action immediately.

Having had the truest fortune of meeting Joanna and being influenced by her ideals and constant stream of information and creative ideas, my life has truly been blessed. I am so proud to know her and now consider her part of my life and my friend. She is a gift awaiting your discovery.


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Zoe, Oxford, UK

Joanna was able to help me work toward my goals of learning to cook, eat less candy and run regularly by providing sensible feedback on my progress, offering handouts with useful information about food cravings, etc.

The bi-weekly phone calls were a useful reminder of the goals, and an opportunity to reflect upon my life beyond health and food-related issues. Joanna helped me become more aware of foods, but also realizing how much I need to change in my life to be satisfied. Joanna is a good listener, sensible, flexible, and realistic.

I would recommend Joanna to everyone who’s serious about their health, but who thinks they can’t afford healthy food and who can’t be bothered to cook. She can see through your BS excuses and support you through the difficulties that arise. Her experience with dieting and stress management is useful and makes Joanna uniquely qualified for the job of a health coach.


Jackie, London, UK

My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were: to feel less tired, to lose some weight and to feel better about myself and my body

The biggest change has been in my attitude towards food. Jo has shown me to look at food in a different way and it has been fun and interesting experimenting with food and trying foods I never have had before
I have lost a number of centimeters from different parts of my body and feel thinner, stronger and less tired. All the food changes I have made are easy to maintain and I find that I do not even miss the things I would have as a usual staple in my diet. Its so much fun to find healthy alternatives

Jo looked at my whole life style, we looked not only at diet changes but also at life changes. Since under taking this program with her, I have found that I have been exploring my passions again and life has become fun once again. It’s been a lovely transformation and it’s easy to integrate into my day-to-day living

I would recommend Jo’s program to everyone. It is excellent and explores all areas of your life. It is a journey that taught me about my body and myself. I am very happy with the progress I am making.