Do you do it, too?

How often do you break promises to yourself?


Let’s have a reality check, shall we? How often have you said to yourself: “I will work out every day”, or “I never drink again”, or “I will go to bed early every night”?


Our days are often filled with promises we make to ourselves and then as soon as we have an opportunity, a ”better offer” we’re quick to break those promises.


We’re so much more likely to deliver if others are depending on us. But that promise to yourself? You think it doesn’t matter because “no one will know”, you can start tomorrow, and this one time is not such a big deal.


Stop breaking those promises. Start the week strong and commit to yourself. Commit to never breaking a promise.


Accountability is a key element in delivering on your commitments. Who do you have who can keep you accountable? You can start by sharing your commitment in the comments so I can keep an eye on you. Better yet – if you’re ready to take it to the next level – let’s get on the phone for a free strategy session. I have a handful of those slots available this week. Click here to schedule:


Lots of love



PS Go and get Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, she has a whole chapter about not giving up on yourself. I recommend getting it on audible because she brings fire J