Eight easy ways to incorporate protein in your breakfast

Research suggest that eating protein for breakfast helps you lose weight, and from personal experience I know it keeps me full for longer, stops me from snacking mid morning, and from binging at night.

My client recently asked me how to include protein in her breakfast without resorting to protein shakes or eggs every day. (By the way, oats topped with a fried or poached egg is my all time favourite breakfast!).

I like to keep it simple, especially for breakfast, so here you are – eight easy ways to incorporate protein in your morning meal:

1. Sprinkle Magic Dust
Think hemp seeds, bee pollen (not vegan), chia seeds, and flax seeds  – just add them to whatever you are having for breakfast.
Have you tried chia seed pudding yet? You need two tablespoons of chia seeds and a cup of milk or fruit juice. Mix the two together in a glass jar and leave overnight in the fridge. In the morning stir the pudding (you may want to add a little bit more milk or juice) and add fresh fruit. That’s it – ready to eat.

2.Think outside your cereal box
Oats are a great source of protein (1 cup has about 6g), but try quinoa, millet, or buckwheat for a change. I usually cook a big batch of my grains for dinner, and then in the morning I warm a portion with non-diary milk and top it with some fresh berries and nuts.

3. Are you nuts?
Add nuts to your porridge, cereal; spread nut butter on your toast. And don’t forget the mighty seeds – sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin are my favourite.

4. Go Green
Who says that salads are only for dinner? I remember having big, green salads for breakfast at the weekend, when I was growing up. You can experiment with including all the other points from this list in your salad; there really are no limits.
Or how about a good, old green smoothie? Just make sure you make it mostly vegetable based, with a little bit of fruit, some liquid (I like adding cold green tea to mine), and you can fortify it with nut butters, seeds, a little bit of coconut or hemp seeds oil. Delish!

5. When you are really stuck for ideas bring soy in
A cup of a beautiful miso soup, scrambled tofu, or grilled tempeh on toast are just a few suggestions.

6. Got milk?
I am taking here about non-diary milk, homemade is best, but let’s be realistic, not everyone would chose to spend their time squeezing white liquid through the muslin cloth. I would recommend choosing unsweetened variety with the shortest list of ingredients.

7. Dips
Confession time – if you come to my home, you can be sure of one thing – there is always some version of hummus or legumes dip in the fridge. They take minutes to make and are packed with proteins, just right for your breakfast toast.

8. Nothing wrong with tradition
I love tradition and that is why I couldn’t leave good beans on toast out of this list.
Tip: I like to mash my beans (cooked at home or canned) with a fork, add a little salt, lemon juice, maybe some leek (if I have any cooked) or fresh herbs and crushed garlic, mix and spread on toast, topping with some good olive oil. So good!

How about you? What is your favourite breakfast? I am looking forward to hearing from you. And if you want more ideas to start your day get my free Breakfast Inspiration Book.