Fear? Who is talking about fear?

Six weeks ago I made a big decision, took a gamble, and resigned from my well-paid, secure job. Did I mention the holiday package and a pension plan? And by the way – I don’t have a new, better job to go into. In six weeks’ time (after I finish serving my 12 weeks notice) I will be unemployed.

From a newsletter I’ve just received from Jacob Sokol:

Growth comes from being challenged – not from being strong.

I do believe in that quote and that now is the time for me to grow.

Even though that has never been The Plan. Last summer I signed up for INN health coaching training and I had a tiny, little plan to finish school, then start building my practice, then start reducing hours at my current job…. slowly cut the strings of security… In my mind I saw myself being in my current job maybe another two years after graduation. I remember even thinking about reducing my hours back then felt like a massive leap into the unknown…

But slowly, as I was embarking on a journey of learning how to be a coach, and being coached my inner voice started to get louder and louder.

Fast forward nine months and I started to feel like getting out of my current job NOW was the only option. I felt like I had nothing more to give. My heart was not in it any more, and as much as my head was telling me to stay, I had to go.

So six weeks ago, after coming back from a beautiful holiday in NYC, I resigned. I gave up security to keep my integrity and my sanity. With no plan. With no coaching practice providing me with sufficient income. With no job to go. But with a belief that what I am doing is the right thing to do. With a belief that things will work out.

I have also hired a coach to keep on track and push me even further. I see this as an investment in myself. I feel like this is my time. This is the time to be me, to be who I want to be and do what I want to do and what I believe in.

People tell me that I am brave and that they admire me for what I’ve done. Truth is – I am scared shitless, but that’s between you and me. 

So here I am. Scared, vulnerable and open to possibilities. Stretching myself and getting ready to receive…