Get summer ready

You’ve been working out and watching what you eat for the last couple of months – all in order to get ready for that beach holiday. You’re almost there, you can almost feel the summer breeze against your skin, the warm sand underneath your feet, and you can hear the sound of the sea…..

And don’t worry – I’m not about to take your fantasy away from you, I’m going to help you make it a reality. When you’re getting ready for the summer, don’t neglect ¬†the added benefit of incorporating these 5 easy detox tools. Your cells, your skin, and your whole body will thank you.

Watch today’s video to discover my 5 favourite detox tools. And you know me – I’m not about overcomplicating things, so these are pretty easy to use.

Here is a recap of my 5 favourite (and easy to use!) detox tools:

  1. Epsom salt bath
  2. Tongue scarping
  3. Dry skin brushing
  4. Oil pulling
  5. Deep breathing

Have you tried any of these before? Share your experience in the comments below.