Give up chocolate?? What?????

There are very few people I know, who don’t like chocolate. For a lot of people it’s a go to pick me up, a treat, and sugar fix. And good quality chocolate in moderation can bring amazing benefits, so you can actually consider it a healthy food.

But today we are not boasting chocolate’s greatness. Today we are taking about giving chocolate up for the whole month. WHAT????? Did I really just say it??? Please don’t close this blog yet, let me explain.

British Heart Foundation is running their annual DECHOX in March, encouraging people to give chocolate up for the month of March and help raise money for the charity. I thought it’s a great idea!

  • How do you feel about a little challenge?
  • What did you notice come up for you?
  • Do you have a little voice saying it is stupid?
  • Maybe it is saying you will never last a month without chocolate?
  • Are you scared what would you do about 3PM sugar craving?

I hear you and remember, I am here to support you. No question is ever too small or too stupid for you to ask me.

Here are some strategies you may find helpful, if you decide to go with DECHOX:

  1. Start your day with a glass or two of water with lemon and cinnamon, which will help you balance blood sugar levels
  2. Always eat good breakfast – having protein for breakfast can help you lose weight, and will keep the 11 o’clock sugar cravings at bay
  3. If possible – make sure you get out of the office at lunch to get some air. Even if the weather is not great (and trust me! I live in London, I KNOW about the weather), try to go outside for couple of minutes. If you really can’t – see if you can at least open a window or just stand up and walk up and down the corridor couple of times
  4. Drink water during the day (consider adding more lemon juice to it)
  5. Don’t skip meals
  6. Go easy on caffeine – try swapping at least one of your usual coffees for a decaf or better yet – green or herbal tea
  7. Find a buddy – this may the most important thing to keep you on track.
  8. Schedule a free (£57 value) strategy session with me – we’ll strategise for the DECHOX and beyond

I am curios to find out who is up for the challenge? Please share – replay to this email, or better yet – pop in to our Facebook group for more support and to meet other amazing ladies. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Here is you Radiant, Nourished You,