How often are you really grateful?

Gratefulness. Be grateful. Say thanks. It seems that everywhere I turn someone is talking about it, and I’ve always considered it a little, well, new age, for the lack of a better word. It seemed far fetched, forced and, frankly, fake. I also thought that if I’m grateful for what I have (and WHO I have in my life) I am somehow settling for less. Yeah, I sometime question my own logic, too.

This weekend, though I really understood, it’s like a switch went off in my head. I spent lots of quality time with my Sister and my Dad (this included a trip to Ikea, putting furniture together and a visit to Royal Albert Hall to see Swan Lake), and I really felt grateful for having a great family (even when we have our ups and downs).

I’m also grateful for my friends who donated their furniture to me, when I couldn’t afford it. I am grateful for my friends, who over the years stayed in my flat, providing me with company, entertainment and inspiration.

I’m grateful to be in a position to give away furnitures and clothes I no longer need to a local charity, so they can continue serving.

I’m grateful for the business I’m building one day at the time, and all it throws in my face, because it allows me to grow.

I’m grateful for everyone of you, who visit my website, read my blogs and emails, watch my videos, schedule calls with me. Thank you – I couldn’t do it without you.

Now over to you. Say “thank you” to someone who you’re grateful for in your life, and tell them why you’re grateful.

I would also love it if you share who and what you’re grateful for in your life, be as specific as you can. I can’t wait to hear from you.

To Radiant, Nourished You