I am done talking about weight loss.

I am done with calorie counting, dieting and deprivation. It’s time to start a new conversation. I actually started a whole new conversation on my FB page today. Go check out that video.


Click here to watch the full video.


You’d rather read? No problem – here is the short story.


Today I shared my desire to work with women to help them heal their relationship with food, so that they can have a cake and eat it too (just because they are fine with eating just one slice, rather than inhale the whole thing). I want to empower women to be comfortable around food, yet to find comfort they so desire in other areas of their lives. I want women to get rid of scales, calorie counting and dieting mentality.


My vision is the world full of women who don’t even know what losing weight means. They are living their full potential; they understand where the action is in their lives (and it definitely is NOT on the scale!).


The world where women see their beauty no matter what size they are, where little girls don’t have the need to go on a diet, because they think they’re fat. The world where mothers tell their daughters that they are beautiful, they are enough and they can achieve anything they want.


If you are a woman:

  • who goes to bed at night feeling guilty because she didn’t eat perfectly today, you might be thinking that you will just starve yourself tomorrow to balance the calories out
  • Or you are stressing because you’ve been invited to go to a work event and there will be a buffet, yet you have absolutely no self-control where it comes to buffet tables
  • You don’t trust yourself around food
  • You’re tired of life long calorie counting but have been doing it for such a long time that you really don’t know how to do it differently


Then I have an invitation for you. Let’s start a whole new conversation; let’s take a Deep Dive (complementary) together. Via the magic of Skype will dig deeper into your challenges with food, look for ways to heal and transform your relationship with food and set you free from the pain of dieting.


I have a handful of complementary Deep Dive slots available this week. Book yours today and let’s look for ways you can have a cake and eat it to. It’s time. Click here to schedule your free call.