I cried in Rome

I spent four days in Rome recently crying my eyes out most of the time and I’ve never been happier.


These were tears of happiness, pure joy and gratitude.


20 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!) I spent 3 months in Rome, living with a host family and working as an au pair. It was the first time when I was going to be away for that long and my very first solo trip aborad.


I arrived in Rome after 36 hours coach journey, not knowing a word in Italian, not really knowing where I was meant to go and trusting that a friend will be waiting for me at the station as we agreed and help me get sorted. You have to remember that back then we had no Internet, and no mobile phones, so if there was a slightest change in plans we had no way of contacting each other.


Luckily she was there and helped me get my bearings right in those first few hours. When I think about it today I don’t know what on earth made me jump on the coach, with no money, and just do it.


Was it bravery? Strength? Trust? Or just pure naivety and desire to do something follow my dream? I never allow fear stand in the way of adventure, exploration and joy. That was the first time I tested my own commitment.


Walking the streets of Rome this time I was overwhelmed by the gratitude towards 20 year old me who was brave enough to take that leap of faith, wave worried parents good bye with a smile and ‘I will be ok’ promise.


I spent 4 days sending the younger me love and my thanks.

I remember being 20 in Rome, sitting on the Spanish steps, pretending I am Italian and dreaming of one day living in the city and being part of it. Ok full disclosure: at the time I was also dreaming of meeting Prince Charming (obviously handsome, rich and Italian as well) who would enable me to do that. I felt happy, full of dreams and plans, even though I had to money in my pocket.


This time I brought my Man to Rome – his Xmas present. As we walked the streets of the city together I felt so connected to the younger me and I felt proud of her. I thanked Universe at every corner for allowing me to do it, even without finding the rich, Italian guy to finance itJ


Thank you.


Gratitude is something I am committed to doing more this year. I practice being present to little miracles. I acknowledge the journey. I focus on what I have and how far I’ve come.


Today there is no weight loss story. There is no teaching on overcoming over eating. Today I am sharing from my heart, sharing what’s true for me in the moment. Today I am grateful, and I want to know what you’re grateful for and what’s your gratitude practice, so please let me know in the comments.