I liked being in a diet

It’s been over 7 years since I finished my last diet and despite having no intention of ever starting a new one again, I realised that I actually sometimes liked the idea of being on one.


Yes, I know it’s a crazy statement to come from an Eating Psychology Coach who knows that diet just don’t work, but let me explain.


Being on a diet was easy. The rules were clearly mapped out, I knew what I could eat, when and how much. I knew what was “off limits”, I didn’t have to make decisions, I didn’t have to think. Diets provided me with structure and direction. I even liked being hungry because I felt like I was in control.


I hate it all at the same time. And being hungry didn’t really mean I was in control – it made me angry and miserable.


Being on the diet might have been easy in a lot of ways, but it definitely isn’t suitable.


Dieting taught me to override my body’s natural responses. I was hungry but I didn’t act like a normal person who is hungry. I “knew better” so I didn’t eat. I punished myself for being hungry by not eating.


Do you also have those friends or family members who are “never hungry”??? I wanted to be like them, so I was faking it until I made it, I never publicly admitted to being hungry even though I might have been starving.


Here is the kicker: our bodies are smarter than we are and we can only try to control them for so long. That’s why diets and especially restrictive diets don’t work in long terms because the body takes back control, the more you try to starve it the more it will try to protect you from yourself and keep you alive.


If you restrict what you eat, if you believe that being hungry puts you in control and somehow makes you a better person (I did use to think that), your metabolism will slow down. If you don’t eat your body simply will think it’s on a desert island and it will store fat, store weight and not build muscles.

That’s why eating regular meals is necessary to lose weight in most cases. You can read more about it in my ebook: Willpower is so last season .

Have you ever been on a diet? Did it give you that feeling of control?

What diet have you been on?

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