If I was in my ideal body….

Last week I asked you what would you do if you were in your ideal body and you answered so openly and thoughtfully.


Here are some answers I received:


  • I would do a skydive for charity
  • Buy and wear some super sexy hot dresses
  • Book a boudoir shoot
  • Run a 10k
  • Walk around the house naked
  • Keep wearing a bikini on holiday/ at the spa – I believed I was too flat chested to wear a bikini for 40 years, so now I have to make up for lost time


One woman talked about her communication and mutual understanding with her body. She said she would do and be exactly the same things she has been doing so far, despite not being in her “ideal body”.


I asked this question because I wanted to spark conversation, get you digging deeper, and also because I was just deeply curious.


I speak to so many women who tell me: when I lose weight, I will….. start dating, change my job, ask for promotion, break up with my partner, start trying for the baby…. This has been such a big part of my story as well, I spent my entire twenties desperately trying to lose weight so I could fit in, go out more, try new things….


Today I have a follow up question for you: what if buying and wearing some super sexy hot dresses, booking a boudoir shoot, running a 10k, and walking around the house naked were actually to tickets to having your perfect body??


Sure, if you want to do a skydive dive for charity you may need to lose some weight as I understand there are weight limits, but everything else you can start doing right now. No more waiting. There is really nothing to wait for, because there is no such thing as an “ideal body”. The body that you have is your ideal body for right here, right now and she deserves to be celebrated and you own it to her and to yourself to start living your life.


Let’s keep playing then: your task this week is to actually do one of those things you said you would do if you were in your ideal body. Get your diary out and schedule it for this week, be brave and have some fun. Oh, and I’m of course here awaiting reports, so make sure you report back. You can simply comment below, or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t freaking wait to see what you’ll get up to.

Have lots of fun and report back;)