It’s complicated

I’ve always felt judged because of my body and not having a perfect figure. Whether that was true or not I disqualified myself from doing things I loved, from building relationships and convinced myself that I’m shy, and it’d be better for me to hide in the corner.


I let myself believe that just because I wasn’t a perfect size 8* (insert the number that resonates with you)¬†I was less capable and less deserving. That I was fine being¬†mediocre. Truth be told being mediocre provided me with much needed protection. I was hiding in the shadows of my incredible friends, I was invisible and left to my own devices.


I know what it feels like to count calories, to be put on a diet when you are 10 years old, to lose weight only to gain it all back, to starve yourself to compensate for the calories consumed the day before, to be the only person at the table to finish the whole pizza (and still feel hungry) when others are just grazing on a salad, to lose weight and live in a constant state of fear that I’ll gain it all back….


I could go on, but the reason I am sharing it today is because of this article in NY Times. Stories like that are the reason I do what I do. Stories like that inspire me to teach that dieting doesn’t work and what to do instead.


Please share your story with me in the comments. What this journey has been like for you so far. Where are you at? Where are you hoping to get? When and why did you start dieting?


I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love



You can read that NY Times article here.