Let yourself love the package you came in – Amy Shumer talking to Oprah

I love a good podcast and today I want to invite you to listen to Oprah talking to Amy Schumer on her Super Soul Conversations.


They talk very openly about body image, confidence, acceptance, sex, and #metoo.


There are so many truth bombs there, and here are some of my takeaways.


  • You become what you believe. When you switch the paradigm, you are willing the see things differently and they become different
  • It’s not about the package you came in, it’s about how you feel
  • Listen to yourself and what you know – that’s where confidence comes from
  • So many women don’t speak up when someone wrongs them because of the fear of somebody saying something mean about
  • People think they have a right to comment on other people’s body and we have to speak up to change it
  • It’s not about what seize you are in, it’s about making yourself the healthiest you can be


Have a listen and let me know what your biggest takeaways were.


Oprah Super Soul Conversation