My story

I’ve been hungry, and angry for pretty much most of my life. I tell you right now – it wasn’t fun. I’ve been on a diet ever since I can remember; the food was restricted and I understood early on that I was FAT. And that I should take all steps necessary to change it into being slim, so that I can be accepted and fit in. I was led to believe that if I lost weight I’d be a better person, a more deserving person, more able, more likeable, etc.

So I embarked on the impossible journey of dieting. I have been on every diet there is, in the process developed an eating disorder, messed up my relationship with my body, and went into hiding until circumstances improved. They never did, but I finally woke up.

I decided to put my interest in food to a good use, and started learning about nutrition; how food affects my body, and what food serves me best. I also started saying yes to opportunities and myself, little by little learning to show myself some love, and guess what? The weight just fell off. It wasn’t overnight; it took me around a year to lose 10-12 kg, but I was not on a diet. Not even for a day. And for someone who’s always been on a diet, this was a huge revelation.

Now I eat what I want and when I want. I remember hearing people say that in the past and my first thought was: ”yeah, right, if I do this, I would just stuff my face with pasta, cheese, and crisps”. But here comes the biggest discovery I’ve made: as soon as I started tuning into my body, to what it needs, I learnt to nourish it, my cravings changed, and I don’t need to binge at every meal anymore. Result!

Full disclosure: I still have cravings, I’m human, after all. But I’ve learnt to make better food choices, and even if I eat ice cream or crisps, I know how to bounce back. And there is no guilt involved.

I now make it my mission to teach women like you to eat, so that you can love your body, release the weight naturally, break the crazy cycle of dieting, and have fun while doing it. My dream is for women to embrace who they are, stop denying themselves and follow their passions. Does it resonate with you? Let’s jump on the phone (completely free) and put a strategy in place so that you can say bye bye to the next fad diet.

If you are tired of dieting, of restrictions, if you are tired of being hungry and angry I am beyond thrilled to be able to connect with you.