My Dear Body – an apology letter

For years I’ve had resistance to talking about my Body. I’ve done a lot of work on body image, self-love (I used to roll my eyes at that term) and today I am sharing something deeply personal. An apology letter I wrote to my Body.

Hi My Dear Body,

I am writing this long overdue letter to apologise to you, and I am sorry it took me so long to actually do it.

I am so sorry for abandoning you and not paying attention to you for so many years.

I am sorry for being in my head so much and forgetting to notice you, to care for you, to listen to you.

I am sorry for all the binges, stuffing my face with crappy food (that I knew doesn’t do me any good), for thinking I know better. I don’t. I finally realised that there needs to be less “thinking” and “knowing” and more “feeling”.

I am sorry for not paying attention, for overriding the clues you’ve been giving me, for abusing you. You deserve better.

I used to think it was all your fault. Every break up, every job I didn’t get, every opportunity I didn’t take. Now I see how I used that as an excuse. I hid behind you not being perfect. I blamed you for the lack of adventure in my life, for being too shy to talk to that guy in the bar (remember that night?), for not being brave enough to step outside of my comfort zone. I used food (and often alcohol) as my safety blanket. I was lost and confused.

Thank you for protecting me from questionable relationships, wrong career moves and sticking with me. I am finally ready to listen and pay attention.

Thank you for always being here for me and I am sorry for being such a spoilt brat. Now I am ready for the adventure, and I am taking you with me.

I love you


So now over to you – what can you apologise to your Body for? I encourage you to write your own apology letter as well and please share you’re a-ha’s in the comments.