New Year, New You? Not on my watch!

Happy New Year, my dear. And before you roll your eyes and close this post thinking I will be taking about new years resolutions and telling you to do a quick detox – stop! That’s not what we’re going to talk about today at all.


Yes, the cheerful promises of New Year, New You! are everywhere.


Lose weight! 2 weeks detox! Go vegan! Frankly I am tired just thinking about it. And don’t get me even started on the New Year’s resolutions.


It’s this time of the year. You cant open your email, Instagram, Facebook, fridge without another New Year, New You message jumping out on you.


New Year, New You message is fear based. It’s rooted in the assumption that something is broken, that you need fixing and that you’re not good enough. But! If you just do that detox, lose weight or give up sugar – magically things will fall into place and everything will be better in the world. You will be fixed. You will be saved. You will a brand new, better person and this will open the world of opportunities to you.


What a lot of bollocks!


Let me tell you loud and clear: there is nothing wrong with you and you don’t need fixing. You are exactly who you need to be right now. Deep breath.


And I’d like to invite you to start this year by celebrating all the things that you are, all the things that you’ve done and all the things that you’ve learnt.


At the beginning of a year I pull out my bright green notebook and my calendar and look at the year gone. In my notebook I have a page for each month of the past year and I write all the highlights of that month. I also write the things that didn’t go so well so that I can hopefully find the lessons in them.


My 2017 highlights include:

  1. Graduating as an Eating Psychology Coach and a graduation trip to Denver, Colorado
  2. Getting to know my community better and connecting with my clients.
  3. Turning the big 4-0 (graciously, may I add)
  4. Spending a lot of time back home in Poland and reconnecting with friends and family
  5. Completing a 12 months personal development programme


It’s been a wild year! I would like to thank you for being part of my tribe. For holding me accountable and making me grow and learn with every interactions we have so that I can be a better coach for you.


Would you do me an honour and share your 2017 highlights with me? Just respond to this email, I will be waiting!


As a thank you for being part of this awesome community I’d like to offer you a free 2017 debrief session. We’ll dig deeper into all the highlights and lessons learnt, it will be so much fun. These are limited, so it is first come, first served, but I can’t wait to kick the year off by talking to you. Click here to schedule your call: Oh I can’t freaking wait, my dear!