What bugs you about weigh loss?

Welcome to your What bugs you about weigh loss? survey.

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1. How many diets have you been on in in the last 5 years?
2. When it comes to your weight loss and your health what are your 3 biggest frustrations right now?

3. And what about this keeps you up at night, specifically?
4. What would it feel like to have this problem handled?
5. What strategies have you tried that haven't worked?
6. Have you ever paid for a product/service to help you lose weight or improve your health before?
7. If so, what did you pay for product/services like this?
8. What did you like best about the product/ service you bought?
9. What frustrates you about buying weight loss products/ services?
10. What’s a dream solution for you when it comes to weight loss?
11. What have you always wished someone would come up with that you’d be thrilled to buy?
12. Would you be willing to hop on the phone to discuss your answers further?

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