Eggs in cups

These are so cute! If you have people over for breakfast – serve eggs in cups and you will be a hero! Smile and nod when people applaud you for slaving over the stove for hours.

Add some fresh, crusty bread, side salad, and you will end up with people over for breakfast every day…. So maybe choose your audience wisely.




 Eggs in cups – – eggs, chunky passata ((or…

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Procrastination chocolate truffles

What to do when your “to do list” is longer than your arm, and you really don’t feel like doing any work? Oh, and by the way you also have a slight craving for something sweet, but you don’t really even like sweets?

This is what you do – chocolate truffles, of course:) Don’t be put off by the fact that they are raw and healthy, they are very yummy…

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Superfood Salad With Roasted Garlic Dressing

beetroot qunioa and dill

This is one superfood-packed salad. Quinoa is full of protein, beetroot has been viewed as an aphrodisiac since Roman times, and walnuts do wonders for your brain thanks to their omega-3 acids. The roasted garlic dressing is a rich and creamy way to bring it all together, and perfect for the season.

RECIPESuperfood Salad With…

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

roasted pumpkin seeds 1

Pumpkin seeds are high on a list of super foods in my book. They are a source of protein, zinc, antioxidants and magnesium. 25 grams of pumpkin seeds can provide over 20% of the recommended daily iron intake. Today, we’re roasting them with sweet and hot paprika for a perfect crunchy snack.

RECIPERoasted Pumpkin Seeds…

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Crispy roasted parsnip fries

I opened my fridge, looked in the vegetable drawer and despaired. I had 4 big parsnips and half of a swede, both of them past their best. To make matters worst I received another 1kg of fresh parsnip in my weekly vegetable box. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like parsnips, and I like swede, but honestly how much of them can one person eat?? And what to

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Sweet potato soup with coconut milk

One day my sister said: I feel like soup. There was no soup to be had, but quick look around the kitchen allowed me to accept this challenge. This is such a tasty, warming soup, made with my favourite, favourite sweet potatoes. They have lots of benefits, but the most important one at the moment for me at the moment is that they are rich in Vitamin D, which is critical…

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Raw Brownie

These are perfect for when you need a sweet "pick me up", but still want it to be nice and healthy.

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Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato (a tropical plant!) was probably found before the Irish potato (It’s history dates back to 750 B.C. in Peruvian records). The Incans called it "batata" and that is apparently the origin of our word "potato". It is native to Central America, where it is one of the oldest – known cultivated vegetables.  

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