Become a health coach

Lets go back in time. It is late Spring 2013 and I am restless. It almost feels like mid life crisis (or rather what I imagine one to feel like). I feel trapped in my career and I am terrified that I will never actually do anything to fulfill my passions.

At the same time my diet is all over the place (I am vegetarian, kinda vegan, but not really), feeling tired all the time, low energy and generally blah!

One evening I found myself surfing the internet and kept going back to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition website. I’ve been there before. I thought about becoming a Health Coach before but never really was brave enough to click ENROLL.

Until that one night…

Integrative Nutrition has been a life-changer for me and I love to share this school with anyone who wants to become a Health Coach too. Check out their Curriculum Guide below, and let me know if you want to hear about my experience or take advantage of my special savings offer! Just drop me a line.


By becoming a student of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (The World’s Leading Nutrition School!):

  • You will be able to study anywhere anytime on the IIN app
  • You will learn from the world’s top nutrition experts
  • You will be invited to attend Live events featuring the world’s leading health experts
  • You will learn how to work with clients one-on-one, and run group programs and workshops in settings such as corporations, spas, health clubs, doctors’ offices, schools and more
  • You will get a chance to create a career as a Health Coach
  • You will improve your own and your family’s health
  • You will make friends for life
  • You will create an amazing support network
  • You will open the doors you didn’t even know existed

Experience it for yourself – take a sneak preview of the sample class. Enjoy!