Stock up your pantry

The first step to cooking and eating healthy food is to stock your kitchen with a variety of nutritious goodies. Look for those with minimal ingredients, additives, and processing.

Here is a snapshot of what I keep in my pantry and what I use most often. Feel free to add your favorites and amend the list to suit your family’s dietary needs.

Condiments and spices:




Garlic powder

Black pepper in grinder

Cayenne pepper

Chilli flakes


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So what does a health coach do?

I’m a certified Health Coach. But what does it actually mean?

In a nutshell – Health Coaches are the masters of habit change. Most of us know pretty well what to do to lose weight, to get healthier, to improve our diets. But very few of us actually do it – and this is where a health coach comes in.

Watch this short video to learn more about what health coaches…

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Eight easy ways to incorporate protein in your breakfast

Research suggest that eating protein for breakfast helps you lose weight, and from personal experience I know it keeps me full for longer, stops me from snacking mid morning, and from binging at night.

My client recently asked me how to include protein in her breakfast without resorting to protein shakes or eggs every day. (By the way, oats topped with a fried or poached egg is my all time…

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Bounce back after Easter

So how many Easter Eggs did you have? Be honest, I am not going to tell anyone! I am also not going to guilt you into feeling bad about overindulging, because really, there is no point. And there really is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. There is only pleasure. So I hope that no matter how many chocolate eggs you had, you thoroughly enjoyed every single bite.


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When a health coach binges

Confession time – I am not perfect when it comes to my diet. And I don’t even aspire to. I pay attention to what I eat; I constantly learn how different foods effect me, and course adjust accordingly.

My biggest downfall used to be crisps (chips for the non-UK readers), especially the kind that comes in a tube, and “once you pop, you can’t stop”. They also often do 2-4-1…

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Hungry and angry or radiant and nourished?

What would you rather be? Hungry and angry or radiant and nourished?

I used to be a constant dieter. I calorie counted, I had a cup of coffee and boiled egg for breakfast, I replaced my meals with the powdered stuff. You name it – I did it. All in the name of losing weight and getting skinny.

All that came at a price – I was hungry and angry all…

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Give up chocolate?? What?????

There are very few people I know, who don’t like chocolate. For a lot of people it’s a go to pick me up, a treat, and sugar fix. And good quality chocolate in moderation can bring amazing benefits, so you can actually consider it a healthy food.

But today we are not boasting chocolate’s greatness. Today we are taking about giving chocolate up for the whole month. WHAT????? Did I…

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We have a winner!

Thank you everyone for taking time to talk to me about What bugs you and frustrates you about weight loss. I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you for being so open and generous. I now definitely have a lot of food of thought and can’t wait to use it all to create better content for you.

You guys are the best! 

Without further delay – the lucky winner is…….

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What do I eat?

The question I get asked the most often is: “so what do you eat“? I usually answer with a simple EVERYTHING, but that doesn’t cut it in most cases. So I thought today I give you a sneak peak into my day on the plate.

I eat mostly plant based diet, but every now and again – I enjoy eggs. This is my favourite way to have eggs:

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