Snacks hacks – 3 tips for smart snacking

“What can I snack on” is one of those questions I get asked a lot.

Snacking is not all bad, if you put some thought into it and actually plan it.

You also need to be mindful about the fine line between waiting too long between meals and snacking all day to curb your hunger. Waiting too long can cause you to overeat during your mealtimes because you’re ravenous – and…

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Don’t take dieting advice from my Dad


My Dad’s been struggling with his weight ever since I can remember. He always wanted to lose weight, but he really loves his food too much (and has some not so healthy eating habits). He lost weight several times and gained it all back. He is not alone – 98% of people will gain all the weight (and often more) they lost dieting within 2 years.


I saw my Dad…

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Food, Freedom And Fun

There is a lot of hype, myths, and misconceptions out there around dieting, finding the perfect program, and, well, let’s face it, we live in a world of information. You can Google any subject or buy any book and be overloaded with information. But, for many people, all the diet books, the TV shows, and the Googling of information leads us to absolute confusion about what to eat. That…

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5 foods that naturally fight toxins

The world we live in is toxic, the air we breathe is full of pollution, our water is not 100% clean. Fortunately, there are many things we can avoid and control when it comes to what enters our bodies. Choosing to fuel ourselves with foods that naturally fight toxins is an essential step in decreasing our toxic load.

Here are five foods that naturally detox the body…

1. Garlic. Packed with…

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My top 5 tips on health, happiness, and weight loss

Whatever magazine or book you open, you’ll get a different advice.

Drink green juice. Don’t drink green juice

Coffee is good – coffee is bad

And on it goes.


With so much information, it can be overwhelming and confusing to separate fact from fad.


So I am bringing it back to basics.


During my studies, my own life experience, and through my coaching, I’ve got the confirmation that our health isn’t just about what we…

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Calling all the fast eaters to play a game

If fast eating was an Olympic sport – I would have won all the gold medals, repeatedly. I used to inhale my food at the speed of light, and learning to slow down has been an ongoing challenge.

That’s why today I wanted to share with you the game I play (confession time, I never told anyone about it!) to build the new habit of eating slowly.