Fear the fear not

One of my clients has reached out to me recently. She was considering signing up for coaching programme, and possibly embarking on a career change. She knows my story, and knows I’ve made some choices that were not the easiest, some required substantial financial investment, and some were experiments (and let me tell you – not all of them went well). She shared she was afraid to take the…

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And so it begins

This is when it all starts. A new beginning, one might say. Which by the way always makes me wonder – can you have an old beginning? But I digress.

Friday was monumental, I didn’t believe the day would come. I walked out of my office for the last time. After four years (and 8 years in the building) I left with a bunch of flowers, presents, memories, experience and…

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Fear? Who is talking about fear?

Six weeks ago I made a big decision, took a gamble, and resigned from my well-paid, secure job. Did I mention the holiday package and a pension plan? And by the way – I don’t have a new, better job to go into. In six weeks’ time (after I finish serving my 12 weeks notice) I will be unemployed.

From a newsletter I’ve just received from Jacob Sokol:

Growth comes from…

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