Recipe for healthy hair

Healthy starts way before you hit the hair salon and have a hair cut. It starts with what you put on your plate. Did you know that each strand of hair is made up of cells that contain the keratin protein?? And it needs feeding.

What food should you include in your daily menu to nourish your hair from inside out? I have good news for you – there is…

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1st? 2nd?10th? How highly do you rate yourself?

Where are you on your own list of priorities? Do you ever put yourself and your needs first? Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself? Having a bath? Going to a yoga class?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above know that you are not alone. Also know that there is hope, and it’s never too late to start pushing yourself up your own priority list.


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Get summer ready

You’ve been working out and watching what you eat for the last couple of months – all in order to get ready for that beach holiday. You’re almost there, you can almost feel the summer breeze against your skin, the warm sand underneath your feet, and you can hear the sound of the sea…..

And don’t worry – I’m not about to take your fantasy away from you, I’m going…

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5 practices to set your self-love on fire

Yes, Valentine’s Day is over, but you’re not off the hook. We’ll continue to talk about love for just a little bit longer. Yes, my friend and will talk about the all-important, and so easily neglected, self – love.

Contrary to the popular belief self-love is not selfish. In order to take care of your loved ones, your job, your duties and responsibilities, you have to be in a good…

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