Take-aways from Denver

I am buzzing. Last Friday I officially graduated and now I am a proud Certified Eating Psychology Coach. I went all the way to Denver, Colorado to get my certificate, learn more during a four day event and hang out with my tribe.

Here I am with Marc David, founder of the Institute and amazing teacher and mentor (and my certificate!):

And with Emily Rosen – CEO of the Institute and a business modules teacher:

So let’s talk about my take-aways:

  1. You cannot underestimate the importance of the tribe. If you follow me on the Instagram you know I shared a lot about it on my IG stories. Your tribe is a group of people, it’s a wider circle than your immediate friends and family, who support you, you “get you”, who can push you out of your comfort zone and catch you when you fall. They are your cheerleaders, and they can your blind spots and your brilliance, often before you even realise it is there. Who is in your corner? Who is in your tribe?
  2. You never know what someone is going through. At the event I had the pleasure to hang out with people in all different age groups, from early 20ties to a 70 year old, beautiful lady. There were different sizes and shapes and it struck me how even those of us who might have a “perfect body” struggled with eating disorders and body image. You’re not alone in your struggle, although I know it feels lonely at times.
  3. I stood up and spoke to a group of 200 people and didn’t die! Now, I don’t have a phobia of public speaking (anymore), but I have to say such a big audience was nerve-racking. But going to this event I made a promise to myself to get out of my comfort zone as much as I can and this was definitely one of those moments. Well, actually I did it three times, so a little proud of myself here:)
  4. Denver is beautiful and people are super friendly. Every morning I went for my long walks and people who biked or run past me would stop to say good morning. I live in London so it was a big deal, because people don’t do that where I live:)
  5. I was so nourished by the conversations we were having in the room that I wasn’t even hungry most of the time. And I am the kind of person who used to think about food all the time. Have you ever had this experience?

I have pages and pages of notes from the event and I will be sharing more insights in the weeks to come, today I wanted to share a more personal story.

Maybe you feel like you want to expand your tribe? I would love for you to come and join mine! I am hanging out on Facebook with an amazing group of women, so if you want support come over to Radiant, Nourished You community. I would love to connect with you there!

Lots of Love