Jackie, London, UK

Jackie, London, UK

My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were: to feel less tired, to lose some weight and to feel better about myself and my body

The biggest change has been in my attitude towards food. Jo has shown me to look at food in a different way and it has been fun and interesting experimenting with food and trying foods I never have had before
I have lost a number of centimeters from different parts of my body and feel thinner, stronger and less tired. All the food changes I have made are easy to maintain and I find that I do not even miss the things I would have as a usual staple in my diet. Its so much fun to find healthy alternatives

Jo looked at my whole life style, we looked not only at diet changes but also at life changes. Since under taking this program with her, I have found that I have been exploring my passions again and life has become fun once again. It’s been a lovely transformation and it’s easy to integrate into my day-to-day living

I would recommend Jo’s program to everyone. It is excellent and explores all areas of your life. It is a journey that taught me about my body and myself. I am very happy with the progress I am making.