Danielle, Dublin, Ireland

My first impression of Joanna Fiminska was that she was a woman that took things seriously – and yes, indeed she does. She takes what she eats very seriously – all interlaced with a her wonderful wit, humour and a gracious personality.

Joanna not only believes and preaches about health but she lives it. Open her kitchen cupboard and you will find delight after delight of healthy snacks and creations all wafting with the delicious aroma of healthy freshly baked goodness.

If you are looking for a Health Coach to get you on the right track and feeling really good, I highly recommend you grab this woman quick. Her creativity, intelligence and complete integrity and belief in what she does will have you inspired and motivated to take action immediately.

Having had the truest fortune of meeting Joanna and being influenced by her ideals and constant stream of information and creative ideas, my life has truly been blessed. I am so proud to know her and now consider her part of my life and my friend. She is a gift awaiting your discovery.