Zoe, Oxford, UK

Joanna was able to help me work toward my goals of learning to cook, eat less candy and run regularly by providing sensible feedback on my progress, offering handouts with useful information about food cravings, etc.

The bi-weekly phone calls were a useful reminder of the goals, and an opportunity to reflect upon my life beyond health and food-related issues. Joanna helped me become more aware of foods, but also realizing how much I need to change in my life to be satisfied. Joanna is a good listener, sensible, flexible, and realistic.

I would recommend Joanna to everyone who’s serious about their health, but who thinks they can’t afford healthy food and who can’t be bothered to cook. She can see through your BS excuses and support you through the difficulties that arise. Her experience with dieting and stress management is useful and makes Joanna uniquely qualified for the job of a health coach.