The myth of the superwoman

Last week I shared with you that perhaps we need new role models and that the power that it took for us to get where we are today is not going to sustain us, let alone take us any further.


As promised over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to the 5 Women PowerTypes™ but first I need to take a minute to talk about our old friend – the Superwoman.


You know her so well. The woman who goes for a 5k run before work, feeds her kids a super-healthy breakfast before dropping them off to school, perfectly made-up and ready for the day. Before she even gets to the office she’d already been on a conference call, caught up with all her emails and RSVPd to a number of events and party invitations.


She’s killing it at work. She’s always on time, always prepared, and always willing to go the extra mile. She gets the promotions everyone else has been lusting after, she has the hot, successful husband, and most people at work don’t even know that she has kids at all. She is the master of multitasking and the queen of efficiency. She juggles all the balls of her life with efficiency and ease.


Or so it seems from the outside. From the outside all is perfect, she is smiling, happy, successful. She worked *hard* to get to where she is. And she did it all herself.


In the race to fit in, to hold our own, to not let anyone down, to be our best selves and to do everything that a man can do (but while looking seriously hot) we’re burning out. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with us, it’s because we’re not men. We only have a fraction of the testosterone they have, and when we use it up, we have to run on adrenaline. While that’s fine to do for five minutes, for that last push before the project is due, many of us operate from that place for five, ten or even 20 years. And the price we pay for this is high. It can lead to burnout, to the breakup of relationships, to loneliness, to serious health conditions…


I was lucky enough to be introduced to a different way of living my life, just as I was about to hit burnout, and I now have a powerful set of tools to share with my clients.


The core of these tools? The five women’s PowerTypes™. I’m sure you’ll recognise some as familiar friends, but my hope is that you’ll reacquaint yourself with them all and use them as your new role models.

They are all powerful, yet feminine and they all respect their cyclical nature. They play to their natural strengths and that allows them to be incredibly effective, fruitful and connected and I will introduce you to each of them over the next 5 weeks.


Come back next week to meet the Queen.


Don’t want to wait? I created an ebook where you can meet all of them and get additional resources for free. It’s called How to get what you want with ease and grace – harnessing the 5 women PowerTypes™ and you can download it here now.



Joanna is a One Of Many Certified Women’s Coach. All Of Many Tools trademarks and tools are used with permission.