The secret is out

For the first time ever I did a Facebook Live on my personal page yesterday. I was worried what would people think, especially as I shared something I thought I would never do again.


Over the past few months I’ve been watching my business coach rocking her side hustle and having the best hair ever. I was like “whatever, I’m not doing it, don’t care, not interested”. I was all resistance and hiding in my little box, yet still paying attention to what she was doing.

Well, you can watch the video here.


Oh, I see, you’re too impatient and just want to know what I did now? Well, I partnered with a network marketing company offering luxury hair products. I see this as a perfect addition to my coaching business.

You might be wondering why did I do it? Let me tell you why (and you can watch that video for more details).

  1. I’m looking at creating multiple income streams in my business
  2. This has been a great opportunity for expansion of my network and reaching new people with my message
  3. The company is in a pre-launch in the UK right now so it’s the best time to make my mark
  4. My up-line is my business coach who specialises in helping women entrepreneurs rock their online business, so I get a lot of support from her and the fantastic team as well
  5. All products are vegan, gluten free and free of harsh chemicals, and if I am honest this has been a deciding factor for me.
  6. I just want my hair to grow back quickly so I can donate it again for children’s wigs. Plus I’m really not a short hair person.

So this is it, now that the secret is out of the bag I’m super excited about this new partnership. If you’re interested please do reach out to me, because there’s going to be no cold calling, no sales graphics or anything like that, but this is a huge opportunity.


Have a great week, my dear and I will speak to you soon.