What mother stands for

“Morning everyone, I made some cookies last night, I’ll leave them by the kettle, please come and help yourself” she says coming into the office.

She makes sure people take their breaks and is usually the one who does the coffee rounds for everyone in the office. She has never fired anyone in her life, because she always gives people the benefit of the doubt. ‘They will do better next time” she says.

She patiently listens to Sue’s romantic dramas every Monday, and makes sure everyone has a cup of tea at the beginning of the meeting and that the air conditioning is set just right.

She might happily sacrifice her own breaks in order to ensure her team steps outside the office for their lunch hour.

I wonder if you know someone like this in your life? Maybe something in this description reminds you of how you show up in life?

Well, you have just met the PowerType™ of the Mother (last week you met Queen). She always sees the best in people, and is the one we all go to for nurture and nourishment.

Please note: – a woman doesn’t have to be a biological mother to have a connection and benefit from the strengths of this PowerType™.

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Joanna is a One Of Many Certified Women’s Coach. All Of Many Tools trademarks and tools are used with permission.