What’s your life purpose?

Ever since I was little I was a little different. I liked to play alone, I liked to help around the house, and even then I didn’t have a sweet tooth:)


Ever since I was little I had an old soul, I think. I wanted to find my purpose in life. I questioned career advice given to me at school.

I had never been drawn to any of the traditional jobs little girls usually are. I just remember a strong desire to want to be interviewed. Maybe I just wanted to be a celebrity? Yet I remember not wanting to be a performer of any sort, I wanted to be interviewed about life. God knows what my younger self would have shared with the worldJ


I wore different professional hats over 20+ years of my career. I worked in marketing for waste managing company, I was an au pair for a lovely family, I cleaned a bar, I worked behind a bar, I worked as an admin officer and an office manager, I was an operational manager in the NHS and none of these job stuck. Not because there was anything wrong with either of them. The money I made covered my expenses, I met some great people (most of them I am still friends with), I had paid holidays and sick leave. Yet….


I kept looking for more. I was restless. I was looking for my Purpose, and I felt lost without it. I felt like my life was passing me by and that frankly I was wasting my time.


I committed to finding my Purpose.


I remember sitting on my bed one day going through a meditation that was supposed to help me connect with my purpose. I was very sceptical, thinking, it will never work for me. Imagine my surprise when at the end of it I saw my Purpose so clearly, it made me cry. My Purpose in life is to joyfully help other people shine. Every time I say it, it gives me goose bumps.


So here I am. Running two businesses, coaching women who want to have more, do more, and be more without killing themselves, all while they have amazing hair because of the luxury hair care products I hook them up with.

And I use the same meditation with my clients to help them find their purpose.


So I wonder what’s in your soul? What’s your calling? Do you know what it is? Would you like help connecting with it? Comment below or message me – I would love to know.