Get summer ready

You’ve been working out and watching what you eat for the last couple of months – all in order to get ready for that beach holiday. You’re almost there, you can almost feel the summer breeze against your skin, the warm sand underneath your feet, and you can hear the sound of the sea…..

And don’t worry – I’m not about to take your fantasy away from you, I’m going…

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Fear the fear not

One of my clients has reached out to me recently. She was considering signing up for coaching programme, and possibly embarking on a career change. She knows my story, and knows I’ve made some choices that were not the easiest, some required substantial financial investment, and some were experiments (and let me tell you – not all of them went well). She shared she was afraid to take the…

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Ready, steady, RUN

Are you one of those people, who look at runners with admiration? Maybe you think they’re so cool, in their cute outfits, fitting in a run at lunch, or before work? You may think that they are super humans, and that running was just ‘not for you”.

That’s what I used to think too. My mom took me out for my first run, I was maybe 10 years old, unfit,…

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How to get back on the wagon?

It happens to the best of us, it’s human nature. You are so “good”, you follow your eating plan, you work out, you mediate…. And then… well, live happens – your friend’s birthday, work night out, or you just feel like eating pizza.

In today’s video I share 5 easy tips to get back on the wagon. It doesn’t have to be difficult.



So next time…

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