7 ways to balance blood sugar

Blood sugar level it’s the amount of glucose from what you eat, that’s circulating in your bloodstream providing energy to cells or storing it for future use. A well-balanced blood sugar level is crucial to maintain physical and emotional well-being, reduce food cravings, it regulates your hormones and increases your metabolism to help you lose weight and burn stored fat.

1. Drink more water. Quick and easy way to determine…

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10 steps to Radiant, Nourished You

When it comes to weight loss you can’t underestimate the simplicity, so here are 10 simple steps you can implement today. Start with one and add another one every day. Before you know it – they will all become habits, that will take your from hungry and angry to radiant, and nourished.

1. Drink Water
You did hear it before, but I still think it’s worth emphasizing. Especially as we often mistake…

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How often are you really grateful?

Gratefulness. Be grateful. Say thanks. It seems that everywhere I turn someone is talking about it, and I’ve always considered it a little, well, new age, for the lack of a better word. It seemed far fetched, forced and, frankly, fake. I also thought that if I’m grateful for what I have (and WHO I have in my life) I am somehow settling for less. Yeah, I sometime question my…

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How to avoid a fast food joint when on the go?

Ghandi said: There is more to life than increasing its speed, but these days I often feel it’s complete opposite. Everyone is running, rushing from one meeting to another, chasing after kids, money, career…. It’s go, go, go all the time.

So it’s no wonder that at one time or another we have all found ourselves on the drive thru line, starving, and craving some food that will…

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