I cried in Rome

I spent four days in Rome recently crying my eyes out most of the time and I’ve never been happier.


These were tears of happiness, pure joy and gratitude.


20 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!) I spent 3 months in Rome, living with a host family and working as an au pair. It was the first time when I was going to be away for that long and…

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Good news: I binged at 10PM

Yes, I did binge at 10PM and it is good news. Now, hear me out before you think I completely lost my marbles.

I usually eat very structured meals, at similar times, however last weekend I was all over the place. My usual breakfast was replaced with a bowl of granola and fruit. I really should have known it would get me out of bed at 10PM!

Watch the whole story by…

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