Would you listen if I told you what I need?


If your body told you what She needs would you listen? Would you pay attention? Would you actually do what She is asking for or would you override Her because you know better?


My main goal every day is to be nice to my body. Do I always succeed? Hell no! I fail probably most days, but I keep trying.


I didn’t sleep well last night and this morning I was…

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Body Love

Up until couple of months ago I used to refer to my body as IT, until I learnt to call my body SHE. It is a small, subtle change but boy was it significant. It changed the way I look at my body; it made her more real, deserving more attention and made me realize that together we are a team. It is not me running this show on…

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An update, celebration and an invitation

​Happy Monday. It is my first full week at home in about a month and I am ready to rock my to do list.
This is a week I am also celebrating getting certified as an Eating Psychology Coach (I passed my final exam on Friday!). I am actually travelling to Denver, Colorado to attend a graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks. To say that I am excited would be…

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