I thought I wasn’t enough

I spent my teenage years obsessing that I wasn’t enough, always looking for the seal of approval from others. I wanted to be liked, accepted, fit in.


I wasted my 20s trying and failing to lose weight. I cried myself to sleep many nights thinking if only I could lose 10kg then I would be – pretty, popular, lovable – able to go out in the world and do the…

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About appetite

I grew up thinking I was fat and I started dieting at a very early age, and I mean early – I knew about calories and food restrictions probably before I could really read and I was on my first diet pill when I was about 11.


Because food was restricted I developed a habit of eating when it was available, because I never knew if I get any when…

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Is Your Chic Compass pointing in the right direction?

I’m so excited to invite you to a free, online event for women called The Chic Compass. It’s a fun, casual, yet super informative special event hosted by my friend Charlotte Olson Bauer and an awesome Personal Stylist.

I’m honoured to be one of the guest speakers. Charlotte and I talked about emotional eating, body image and why dieting is so last season. You can watch my interview on Monday July 17th…

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It’s simple, but not easy

I was five when my mom picked me up from the nursery and I proudly told her that I’d eaten a gross piece of meat we’d been served for lunch. I did it because there was a rule at the nursery: you had to clear your plate.

That’s the beginning of my article that has just been published by The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating. Read the rest of…

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