After 12 years I had enough

When I fell into a job in NHS, I thought I was sorted. I had a career for life, with a clear progression path and a pension plan.

After the honeymoon period I started to struggle. I knew I was good at my job and could deliver results, but I felt unsupported, unheard and isolated.

The pressure coming from different directions with conflicting demands became just too much and after twelve…

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Do you do it, too?

How often do you break promises to yourself?


Let’s have a reality check, shall we? How often have you said to yourself: “I will work out every day”, or “I never drink again”, or “I will go to bed early every night”?


Our days are often filled with promises we make to ourselves and then as soon as we have an opportunity, a ”better offer” we’re quick to break those promises.



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What if the horoscope was right?

I remember reading my horoscope as a kid and it said that “Aquarius is best suited for a freelance, creative job” and I thought to myself: well, that’s interesting, how the hell can I apply this to myself?? I didn’t think of myself as creative, I didn’t even know anyone working freelance because I was taught that “secure employment” is the only way forward. “Secure employment” was meant to…

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5 simple self care practices

I’ve got to be honest – the last two months were hard for me – physically and mentally. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat potato crisps, because I had zero energy to cook or even do food shopping. Unfortunately the crisps were not going to help me get through that, so I knew I had to try something different and just be kind to myself.


Being kind…

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Am I really doing it??

As I am sure you realised by now we are in the last quarter of 2018. I truly have no idea how did that happen, but nonetheless we have 90 days left. It’s 90 days to make a difference, to achieve your goals, to set yourself up for even bigger success in 2019.


In the past I used to switch off just before the end of the year, month, or…

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