Challenge #3: what wants to be nourished?

Let’s talk about the #3 weight loss challenge, and this one might come as a surprise for you.

If you missed the the other challenges catch up here: challenge #1 and challenge #2.

We’ve talked a lot about food already, so let’s look at what is the purpose of eating healthy food? The purpose is to give us energy and health so we can enjoy the rest of our life. I myself have gotten confused about this in my own journey – using food to numb out or self-soothe when we’re dissatisfied with other areas of our life. Have you ever had the compulsion to eat when you’re not truly physically hungry?


I used to eat to not feel my emotions; I used to eat when I was stressed, when I was tired, when I was sad, when I was bored. I used to pretty much eat all the time. And when I wasn’t eating – I was thinking about eating. I also used to reward myself with food (bad idea!), I used to crave food all the time.


The good news is there is a gift in this compulsion, however just have forgotten how to listen for what we really want in a moment. We have forgotten how to heal ourselves. The weight loss challenge #3 is that we tend to focus too much attention and energy on what’s on our plates, rather than what’s going on in our life. In a lot of ways following a strict diet is much easier than examining one’s life and getting present to the areas that do not work.


This is an opportunity to get really curious about what your body is trying to tell you. Instead of loathing our bodies for being overweight or in pain, I want to invite you into a new perspective.


Think of pain in the body and excess weight as potential energy.

  • Physiologically, it’s stored energy.
  • Psychologically, it’s stored personal power.
  • It’s potential energy for creation.
  • It’s potential energy for self-expression.
  • It’s life process that’s been put on hold – emotions, the digesting of past experience, undelivered communication, undone actions wanting to happen…
  • Un-owned Power – claiming your gifts, your beauty, goodness, successes


This is such a different perspective than we are used to, and it is so much more empowering.

When I work with my clients we usually do an exercise called “The Wheel Of Life”. It helps us to discover what wants to be nourished in them. Where is the potential for greater self-expression that wants to be released?


I encourage you to look at the main areas of your life (your career, relationships, spirituality, finances, health) – how satisfied are with each of them? Which areas are calling to be nourished? What actions can you take to bring more nourishment to your life?


If you like me to guide you through Wheel Of Life exercise, and provide you with the right support and accountability to implement your action steps – let’s talk. I have a handful of complimentary calls available this week and one of them has your name on it. Use this link to access my diary and let’s talk.