5 questions to ask before you eat

​Happy Friday the 13th! I hope you make the most of it.
Today, on my Facebook page I talked about 5 questions to ask before you eat.
Click here to watch to watch this short video.

Every time you choose to eat, ask yourself these questions. They will help you make conscious decisions on daily basis, and these will lead to lasting changes and healthier habits.

1. Will this improve my health or work against my health goals?

2. Will this provide me with energy in a healthy way?

3. Is this a balanced meal/snack?

4. Do I need this or do I want this?

5. Is this abundant in nutrients or abundant in chemicals?

I hope you find it helpful. And if you want to learn to create healthy, lasting habits sign up to a free Clean Eating Challenge, starting on Tuesday, January 17th. Don’t wait – join the fun.

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