Breakfast challenge

So I woke up last week, got ready and went to my kitchen to make breakfast. I took out my oats and nuts, looked at them and wept. I realize there was no way I could have the same breakfast again. And so the challenge was born – eat a different breakfast every single day and that doesn’t mean adding different toppings to my oats.

The first couple of days I was super excited. Then I decided it might be a good idea to make a list of my ideas for thirty different breakfasts. At #16 it started to be challenging. I am now on #23 and looking for inspiration. And yes, the thought that maybe it should be a 21day challenge did cross my mind. But then that would not be a challenge and I would have to go back to recycling my breakfasts too soon. So I am sticking with it!

The rules are simple – it must be significantly different breakfast every day, prepared at home and with limited amount of time needed. When I say “significantly different” it means that it has different ingredients, or different preparation method or a different concept. Preferably all three, but that, at times, is too optimistic.

Do let me know what your favourite breakfast as I am looking for inspiration.
And here is my favourite way to have oats.