And so it begins

This is when it all starts. A new beginning, one might say. Which by the way always makes me wonder – can you have an old beginning? But I digress.

Friday was monumental, I didn’t believe the day would come. I walked out of my office for the last time. After four years (and 8 years in the building) I left with a bunch of flowers, presents, memories, experience and hope.

I left behind good, secure income, holiday and sick pay, pension plan, stress and other people’s expatiation of me.

I am grateful for these 8 years as I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

It’s a major shift in my life. I am diving right into the unknown and uncertainties but I know that no matter what happens, I will be ok.

People keep saying that I am very brave and their faces say that some of them wish they were in my place.

I thought about it. I looked back at my life and realised that this is not the first time I jumped the ship. 11 years ago I left everything and everyone I knew and moved to the UK. I went to college, worked as an au pair, as a cleaner, and a barmaid. The money I was making was barley covering rent and food and I was miserable. So I resigned. With no job to go, no savings. But a strong believe that this is what I need to do and that I will be ok.

Then I worked in the office where the owner was a total a** and I hated this place. And I hesitated, thought I had to stay a little bit longer, for variety of reasons. So I got fired for my feisty attitude and standing up for myself.

There was another job for couple of years and again – I quitted cold turkey, when I felt I didn’t fit the mould anymore.

Each and every change I made was transformational. It took my life and career to the next level, that’s why I don’t see my decision as brave, I have experience to back it up and I am so ready to share it.

So how about you? Where in your life do you hesitate? Do you have a feeling a decision can be transformational but you freeze at making it? What is stopping you?